Welcome to Broward County's Vulnerable Population Registration

Note: The Vulnerable Population Registry does not sign you up for a special needs shelter or evacuation transportation. For sheltering and transportation information visit Special Medical Needs.
The information you enter will allow municipalities and Broward County to gather information on those that are at risk due to a disability, frailty or health issues and elect to stay at home in the event of a hurricane or other disaster. This information will be used by municipalities and Broward County for planning purposes.   If you live in an evacuation zone, which includes mobile homes, you should plan to evacuate.  Please be advised that entering your information in this database in no way represents that you will be placed on a priority list to be assisted in the event of an emergency.
Entering your information is easy. Read the Terms and Conditions on the following page and, once you accept them, a form will appear for you to fill out. Complete each item carefully. Once you have completed the form, that information will be saved and you will be presented with a copy of that information. Please note that you cannot put your registration on hold and come back to it later or complete it in stages.
Please remember that registration into the database is not a guarantee that you will be provided services or be placed on a priority list for emergency response.  If you have a true emergency, contact 911.
Are you already registered for a special needs shelter?